Company Information

Company Information

About us

Formax Finance Limited (Formax Finance) was established in Nov 2014. It is the wholly owned subsidiary of Formax Capital Market Limited under the Formax Group.

Relying on the solid strength and credibility of Formax Group, Formax Finance provides professional and caring loan services. Our services include Personal Loan, SME/ Micro-enterprise Loan, Mortgage Loan and Secured Investment Loan.

Our professional and experienced team would provide the most pleasant service to every valuable client.

Fulfilling the minimum requirement of applying personal loan, funds delivered.


Apply for a Personal Loan
How does the application and verification process work?
  • 1Apply online
  • 2Instant approval*
  • 3Upload or Send documents
  • 4Verification and disbursement

Your application and approval process for our loan service is as follows:

  • 1Applicant fills in the online application form
  • 2System provides instant approval result*
  • 3Applicant uploads documents instantly or logins to Formax Website later to upload:
    1. HKID;
    (For Non-permanent HK residents) HKID and Passport Image or PRC ID
    2. Address Proof (issued within last 3 months)
    e.g. utility bill, bank statement, official document issued by a government body
    3. Income Proof
    (1) Fixed Income Earners with Auto Payroll/Salary Credit- most recent salary slip; OR bank statement/passbook showing your name, account number and the salary entry
    (2) Irregular Income Earners OR those with Cash/Cheque Deposit- recent 2 months\' salary slips; OR bank statements/passbook showing your name, account number and salary entries
    (3) Self-employed- recent 2 months\' active bank account statements/passbook showing your name, account number; AND latest Tax Demand Note/Tax Return/Personal Assessment; AND Valid Business Registration Proof
    4.Proof of Account Holder for loan remittance e.g. bank statement/first page of passbook showing your name and account number (Joint Name Account not accepted)

    Please note that any documents submitted will not be returned, Formax reserves the right to request for additional documents from applicant.
  • 4Once sufficient documents have been reviewed, we will credit the approved loan amount into your bank account and inform you by SMS in one working day.

*Other than instant approval, application may be referred to Credit Approval Team. Once a referral case is approved, we will phone you in one working day. These applicants can submit documents via email (, WhatsApp (5341-5689), WeChat (Formax Finance) or fax (2194-8718).

How much can I borrow? For how long?

Formax provides loan amounts between $10,000 and $600,000. You can set your own repayment schedule from 6 up to 60 months. Your maximum loan amount is determined by your personal background, including credit score, monthly income, occupation and financial situation.

How do I change my submitted application?

If you wish to change your loan amount, tenor or personal information, please call our CS hotline at 2160-3636.

Borrower Eligibility
Who is eligible to borrow from Formax?

To borrow you must be a Hong Kong with at least 18 years of age who meets the following requirements:

  • 1Stable employment with monthly income $8,000 or above

You must submit the following documents during the application process (please refer to Apply for a Personal Loan):

  • 1A copy of your HKID
  • 2Disbursement account proof
  • 3Residential proof
  • 4Income Proof
If I have previously filed for bankruptcy, can I still apply for a loan?

We evaluate applications based on a complete analysis of your financial situation, including your income stability, repayment records, financial score and other details. If you have experienced bankruptcy in the past that is marring your credit history, we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.

Verification and Disbursement
How long does the approval process take?

System will provide instant approval result or refer case to Credit Approval Team. Once a referral case is approved, we will phone you in one working day.

How long does it take for my loan to be deposited into my disbursement account?

Once your application has been finally approved, your disbursement should be transferred into your account in one working day.

Why has my application been rejected? Is there any way to improve my credit score?

We evaluate your credit score based on the credit report from TransUnion Limited. If your current credit score falls short of our company’s requirements, we may reject your loan application.

To improve your credit score, you may follow these steps:

Obtain a copy of your credit report, and look for areas you can improve to build a better credit history. You may contact TransUnion Limited directly at the following address: Suite 1006, Tower 6, The Gateway, 9 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong; Telephone: 2577 1816.
Try to reduce and restructure your existing debt.
Increase sources of income to strengthen your repayment ability.

We highly encourage you to re-apply for a loan with us once your credit score improves!

Rates and Fees
What does monthly flat rate mean?

Monthly flat rate is based on the loan amount, according to the flat rate fixed by the financial institution, is used to calculate the monthly instalment amount (principal plus interest). The monthly instalment amount is the same throughout the repayment period.

For example, for a loan amount of $120,000, if monthly flat rate is 1% without handling fee, for a repayment period of 12 months, monthly interest is $120,000 X 1%= $1,200, and monthly instalment amount= $120,000/12 + $1,200= $11,200.

What fees does Formax charge? Are there hidden fees?

We do NOT ask for any application fee, guarantee fee, photo-copy fee or referral fee. For all applicants, even though the application is cancelled or declined or applicant does not accept the approved loan, the application is totally free of charge. There are NO other hidden fees.

Repaying Your Loan
How can I repay?

You can repay via counter, ATM transfer or Cash/Cheque Deposit Machine of Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong).
Please send us the receipt image by fax at 2194-8718 or by WhatsApp at 5341-5689.

What happens if I have overdue repayment?

Overdue interest and late payment charge will be charged upon late payment. Also, late repayments will affect your credit history.